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Wise Sons: Proper Deli 2.0 in San Francisco

Wise Sons DeliI finally had a chance to visit the Wise Sons pop-up deli this weekend in San Francisco. I’ve been reading about these guys for weeks (months?) and couldn’t wait to check out the scene. They’re currently operating out of the Beast and the Hare in the Mission – the space suits them well.

This town has long been in need of some real New York-style deli and these guys are delivering the goods. We ordered the royal sampler – what they call shtetl toast (toasted rye painted with schmaltz, adorned with parsley, rock salt, radish and duck gribenes), a Beauty’s bagel with cream cheese and lox, a pastrami sandwich on rye and a slice of babka.

The proprietors, Leo and Evan, are on their game. Even though they were wrapping up service for the day, they each took time to work the room, talk with their customers, take feedback on their food and talk about their plans. I can’t wait to track their progress – I have little doubt that they can create a landmark institution here in SF if they stay the course.

While there, I also had a chance to speak with Blake Joffe, part of the duo behind the East Bay upstart Beauty’s Bagel Shop. Blake and his partner Amy Remsen have apprenticed at Montreal’s famed St. Viateur and are well on their way to filling a huge gap in the Bay Area baked goods market.

This is a shot of their menu as we arrived around 2 PM. As you can see, a number of the items were crossed off (all of the good stuff):

Wise Sons Deli Menu

This is what our table looked like (note there were only two of us). Those are a few extra slices of corned beef in the bottom left of the photo. The guys were nice enough to give me some to try it out, since I’d ordered pastrami on the sandwich (natch). Note the small cup of chopped liver on the side of the sandwich. A nice touch.

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